Somaliland: City Councillor Turns Land Grabber and Night Construction Engineer


The Sha'ab estate feeder road by 10pm Wednesday and at 6am Thursday Aug 2014

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – A Hargeisa city councillor has taken new duties for personal gain as night construction foreman.
Residents of Sha’ab estate in Hargeisa awoke this morning to amazement upon finding construction workers building a supposed house in an estate feeder road which a city councillor Hanad Hashi claims as private personal property.
“By 10 pm last night the place was a road though not rehabilitated but by 6am in the morning it was a house in construction” said an elder of the estate who was in-charge of the community fronted eviction of construction workers and their equipment.

Amazed residents inspect the construction of a house by Cllr Hanad on a road within the Shaab estate of Hargeisa Somaliland
While the works have ceased it is not yet clear what will happen next since Councillor Hanad is determined on ultimate ownership while residents have vowed that neither house shall be constructed nor any person lay claim to their estate feeder road.
This sort of behavior has been rampant all over the country under the perpetration of local council members since their election in late November 2012.
“Since the Councillor Hanad Hashi has turned night construction engineer we shall now turn to Day demolition engineers” vowed Sha’ab estate residents