Somaliland: Fisheries Minister in Landmark Coastal Trip


Minister A J Bureed

Somalilandsun – The Marines and Fisheries minister Hon. Ali Jama Bureed has just made a landmark week long fact finding tour along SL coast.

The trip, a rare move not seen or done by his predecessors for almost a decade had the minister visit Las-qorey, Hiis, Mayd, Shal’aw, Onqor, Doob, Karin and Eel Daraad to mention but a few.

The minister who was accompanied by several officials amongst them the DG Mr. Mohammed Aden Elmi Ilka-asse met with local administrators, elders and fishermen hence pondered on all issues pertaining to the fishing industry.

The delegation did a tentative evaluation that was practical enough to be able to collate and palpate facts on the pros and cons, needs and constraints, measures or ways and means to overcome bottle- necks the industry faces.