Somaliland: Edna featured at The Most Powerful Women conference (+Video)


Somalilandsun – If you live in America, you take many of the details of everyday life for granted. Education is one of those privileges.

As a girl, Edna Adan, former foreign minister of Somaliland, was unable to receive an education. However it did not stop her from learning. She took time to teach herself how to read from the boys who were learning. Adan also learned how to run a hospital from her father who was a doctor. He taught her how to care for patients and allowed her to run his office while he was away when she was only eleven years of age!

As if this was not enough, she went on to build two hospitals. Edan’s accomplishments were particularly remarkable since women do not get these opportunities in Somaliland without fighting to make it happen. How did she do it? Because she believed she could.

This is just one of the many women featured at the 2013 Fortune Magazine’s The Most Powerful Women conference. Every year this conference highlights amazing women who have worked hard to make a difference in their own way.

Source The Examiner

Watch Edna Adan inspires women to greatness.