Somaliland: Major Water Catchment Projects Plan Afoot


By M.A Egge

FARAWEINE (Somalilandsun) – The government has disclosed that a major plan afoot is in the pipeline to build water catchments that would greatly alleviate water shortages in Marodi-jeh region, come next year.

Agricultural Minister Hon. Farah Elmi Geedoole who made the announcement at Faraweine said that the large water catchments will be built at strategic areas along the Marodijeh-jeeh (Hargeisa) river.

He revealed that the feasibility study on the project was scheduled to wrap up in March 2014.

Hon. Geedoole said that the initial point where the commencement of the first catchment would be built is at Faraweine.

Faraweine is incidentally where the major tributary making the Hargeisa (Marodijeh) river deviates from. The minister asked the residents to take part in the program once it is started.

He assured them that they would be coached on how to construct the catchments and that they would be paid for it.

This is a project long overdue hence other seasonal rivers across the country ought to be incorporated too.