Somaliland: FAO Reprogramming to Alleviate Drought Effects


Dick Trenchard the FAO country director hands over local staff Drought relief contributions to Somaliland VP Abdirahman Sayli in Hargeisa

Somaliland sun – Hargeisa- Residents of areas affected by drought in Somaliland are enduring a multitude of difficulties and require emergency assistance to deter disaster as well as pick up their lives.
This was revealed by the head of FAO Somalia/Somaliland office Mr. Dick Trenchard during an interview with journalist Mahmud Walaleye of Dawan newspaper in Hargeisa following an inspection tour of drought affected areas in the country’s western regions.
Urging other international bodies to act urgently with relief supplies thence avert disastrous outcome Mr. Trenchard stated FAO is re-programming, and bringing resources another parts of their program to fund their relief efforts in Somaliland, which he termed more imperative now having visited and seen firsthand issues on the ground
Sometimes people in some areas of somaliland were forced to share food with cowsSaid he “I was meeting pastoralist, livestock owners, agro-pastoralist and IDP’s, and we were looking very much at the situation now, and as rains arrive, the questions was whether problems are over, and obviously not at all” while adding that “What we found, I think we entered a new crisis now, which has different faces”
On the heavy rains pouring in the country the UN staffer said “Moment rains arrived, there has been a disaster, animals were very weak and vulnerable, and hundreds of animals died last week with diarrhea and other diseases, so for livestock owners the situation is very delicate now, and immediately need animal support in order to help their animals regain strength again”
Since Agro-pastoralist are similarly Mr. Trenchard informed discussions with Somaliland authorities revolved around the agricultural crisis, much needed to ensure food supplies and despite the fact the rains have availed plenty of water thus moistening the soil which is absolutely ready for planting, however, after two to three rainy seasons failure farmers are without any means of benefitting since they can neither afford seeds nor tractors.
“We saw kilometer after kilometer of land ready to be planted, but also farmers who they can’t afford tractors, so they need immediate support”
In order to chip in and alleviate the after effects of drought among pastoralists and farmers as well as IDs with the resources required Mr. Dick Trenchard the crisis makes the FAO more urgent with a view to enabling nomads recoup their herds and farmers benefit from the current rains.
head of FAO SomaliaSomaliland office Dick Trenchard says his agency is reprogramming in order to intensify drought relief Informing that the FAO emergency plans shall be undertaken in close collaboration with relevant government agencies more so the ministries of Agriculture and livestock Mr. Dick Trenchard did not shy away from revealing he was very proud of the contributions made towards drought relief by staff of the FAO Somaliland office staff who were selfless in having a huge chunk of their salaries deducted
During his meeting with government officials in Hargeisa Mr. Dick Trenchard handed over the FAO Somaliland office contribution to Vice president Abdirahman Abdillahi Sayli

Read the full report of the Somaliland government and FAO Drought Emergency Coordination Meeting
20th April 2014 titled “Impact of Drought on Livestock Productivity and Production in Somaliland”