Somaliland: “Egyptian Greed Does Not Influence our Brotherly Relations with Ethiopia” Defense minister


Ethiopia and Somaliland enjoy lenghtily and unbreakable relations

By: Omar Mohamed Farah
HARGEISA (Somaliland sun) – the brotherly relationship between Somaliland and Ethiopia cannot be devastated by Egyptian government and any other state in the world.
This was stated by the Somaliland defense minister Ahmed Hajji Ali ‘Adami’ during an interview with state media on 24 April in Hargeisa were he further revealed his government’s opposition to Egyptian proposal of rebuilding and strengthening the Somalia armed forces.
“The brotherly relationship between Somaliland and Ethiopia is on the peak stage. The interests of the two nations are interrelated. The collaboration of the two countries cannot be influenced by Egyptian greed or any other country or power as such,” Said the defense minister.
Mr. Adami was reacting to reports that the Egyptian government has declared interest in supporting the armed forces of Somalia especially at this particular moment when authorities in Mogadishu are at loggerheads with Somaliland and Egyptians are in pursuit of continuing to secure full supply of Nile waters regardless of Ethiopian needs.
Somaliland defense minister Ahmed Haji Adami inset says greed not vehicle for destroying Ethio Somaliland relations“If Egypt donates weapon to Somalia it’s not suitable but it’s escalating the chaotic status in Somalia only, “said
Queried on whether this is a clear attempt to intervene and destabilize the bilateral relationship between Somaliland and Ethiopia the defense minister who termed such a notion a joke, reiterated that the brotherly relations between Ethiopia and Somaliland are inviolable by any quarters and such attempts if any are an exercise in futility.
Mr. Adami who is also a member of Somaliland’s national emergency drought committee, revealed that most hit western regions of the country have been availed numerous relief supplies donated locally and from other well-wishers both agencies and individuals thence managed to rescue livelihoods of rural communities.
“So far we are thanking all those who have taken a lion’s share of contribution towards drought relief that has been a mainstay in helping affected citizens survive” adding that lessons learnt shall facilitate plans by the government in countering similar incidents in future.
He noted that the drought recently turned on the eastern regions of the country and emergency aid will be provided soon.

The two neighboring countries of Somaliland and Ethiopia are long term friends with Addis Ababa being the only country with a full diplomatic mission in the yet to be recognized country not to mention implementation of various agreements especially as pertains to security, Cross border movement and trade among man.
1Egyptian Foreign minister sameh shourky inset termed the Republic of Somaliland as a region of SomaliaIn the meantime Somalilanders are not happy with authorities in Cairo as a result of insulations by its Foreign minister that Somaliland is a region of Somalia thus prompting massive reaction courtesy ofhashtag #TellEgypt that has so far elicited thousands of condemnations from all over the world.