Somaliland: State Pursues Disastrous Boat Mishap Investigations


As dispatched to Greece deputy planning minister reports that Nine Citizens Survived Illegal Migration Boat Sinking”

Somaliland deputy planning minister Amb Kaysa Abdilahi Mohamed in Greece with some of the nine survivors of the disastrous boat accident between Egyptian and Greek waters

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somaliland sun – The government of Somaliland in coordination with relevant agencies is providing relief to its nationals who survived the sea accident that saw over 400 illegal immigrants die.
According to the deputy minister of planning and national coordination Ambassador Kaiser Abdillahi Mohamed of the yet to be ascertained total number of Somaliland citizens aboard the boat that sunk between Egyptian and Greek waters on the 18th April only nine survived.
Amb Kaiser is in Greece with a government mandate to provide relevant assistance to the survivors currently in town of Artemis and pursue investigations on the deadly boa accident in which over 200 Somalis are reported to have died.
Somaliland deputy planning minister with other survivors in GreeceThe nine Somaliland citizens who survived and currently in the Greek town of Artemis were identified by the deputy minister as
1. Abdirahman Harir Ali, son of Hodan Hasan
2. Samatar Elmi Abdilahi son of Hamda Hussein Awale
3. Muhidin Hussein Aliwaash son Hindisa Farah
4. Abdihakim Abokor Diriye son Halwo Barre Hussein
5. Khalid Omar Doodi son of Nimo Hasan Yusuf
6. Hamda Dahir Yusuf daughter of Anab Aideed
7. Najah Hussein Mohamed daughter of Amina abdi
8. Liban Khadar Jama ‘Shani’ son of Shadia Harun and
9. Ahmed Farhan Hasan son of Safiya abdi Digale
With survivorsAccording to a pre deputy minister dispatch statement the government informed that it had the mandate to provide and act for its citizens wherever they are regardless of station in life or location.
While citizens are used to frequent stories of rickety boats crammed with migrants capsizing in the Mediterranean the mishap between Egyptian and Greek waters was of profound shock considering the large number of those perished some of whom will never be identified.
This disaster promptly the Somaliland government to embark on plans of establishing a special anti-illegal immigration police unit as well as forcing President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo to order a crackdown on human traffickers that has so far seen 16 netted and awaiting court appearance.