Somaliland: Ex-Presidency Minister Hirsi Haji Ali Parleys Landers in Saudi Arabia


Somalilamders in Saudi Arabia pose with Hirsi Haji Ali after briefing meeting I. Jeddah

By: Yisuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun- Citizens living and working in Saudi Arabia were given a rare briefing on status of prevailing back in their home country Somaliland.
At a meeting in Jeddah the former Presidency minister Hirsi Haji Ali briefed a large number of fellow countrymen working in the kingdom more so those resident in the capital Jeddah during a session that include a candid exchange involving post briefing plenary session.
The former minister who is in Saudi Arabia to perform his pilgrimage obligations has been in the Kingdom for almost a month where he has also met numerous other citizens on the same duties as his or resident there.
Following the meeting in Jeddah a number of people notable those leading the Somaliland community in Saudi Arabia extended thanks to the ex-minister who though not in active service took upon himself the onerous task of giving a factual and positive briefing on prevailing status in Somaliland as pertains to the Economy, security and forthcoming presidential and parliamentary elections slated for March 2017 among many others their issues.

Among those Somaliland community leaders in Saudi Arabia signing the statement of thanks to Hirsi Haji Ali include Haji Ibrahim Shoode, Haji Abdilahi Umara, Ambassador Ali Tuhe, Mahmoud Hersi Beyl, Adan Laleeys, Mohamed Abdi, Mohamed Aw Dahir, Ismail Abdi Ba’ad and Abdirahman Las Anod,

Former Somalilamd presidency Minister Hirsi Haji AliHirsi Haji Ali was a powerful figure in the administration of president Ah,Ed Mahmud Silanyo whom he served loyal as president minster until he surprising led a mass resignation of senior government figures in late 2015.

With the clout he accumulated at the presidency Hirsi Haji Ali who remains loyal to Silanyo despite his resignation that continue to puzzle many, is much sought by the two opposition parties of Wadani and UCID while his former political bedfellows at ruling party Kulmiye are known to live in Trepidation of his next political move, a mystery so far, almost a year since he ditched government and Kulmiye.