Somalia: Al-shabaab Beheads Three


Al shabaab beheading file photo

By: Sancho Pasha
Somalilandsun- The residents of Galgaduud region of Somalia are in deep mourning following the aimless death of four of their own.
The deaths came as Al-Shabaab publicly beheaded three people at Gal’ad village in Galgaduud region for reasons yet to be explained and according to local media reports the three were in the employment of telecommunications companies.
At the same time the Islamist group battling the Somalia federal government for control of the war torn country also shot death late Muhumed Ali who is father to the Gal’ad administrator under appointment by the government in Mogadishu.
Two of the beheaded were named as Geedi Maar and Abdi Hunduuro both of Hormod company while the third has so far been only identified as an employee of Nationlink.
Although the Alqaeda aligned group has been chased out of the capital Mogadishu and other major centers like Kismayu the Somalia Federal government remains very weak thus prompting the United Nations Security Council to extend the mandate of AMISOM an over 20,000 strong force contributed by African countries