Somaliland: Aljazeera Details the Siyad Barre Atrocities against Somalilanders


Unearthing mass graves in Somaliland

Somalilandsun- In the last couple of weeks Al Jazeera has aired in two parts special people and power program about the atrocities committed against Citizens of current day Somaliland then Northern Somalia by Dictator Siyad Barre whose hook is CJA’s Warfaa v. Ali (Tukeh) case.
The program also explores a lot of the great work that the Somaliland people are doing to address their past, including partnerships with EPAF and with CJA as features of that. The program just went live in the United States.
Read and Watch the program in which brutal atrocities are brought to life and the resilience of the victims, SOMALILANDERS, killed and maimed in their thousands, displaced in the hundreds and f thousands and livelihoods destroyed to ashes only to rise and shine once again


Kill all but the .crows 


Kill all but the crows part 1  and 

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