Somaliland: Ethiopian Engineers to Beautify Hargeisa City


Somaliland Interior minister Waranade in black consults  residents during a patrol of the city Hargeisa

By: Guleid A Maher

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The minister of internal security Mr. Ali Mohamed Waran’ade has revealed to the press about his intention to beatify the city of Hargeisa, he was speaking after a meeting with a parliamentary committee held at the house assembly.

He also talked about his recent order to all municipalities in the country about accountability and good governance “Two engineers have arrived in the country from the city council of Addis Ababa and have been sent by the mayor of that city after my recent visit to Addis Ababa whereby I requested the mayor to help us to beatify our city” he said.

The internal security minister thanked the Addis Ababa mayor for his timely help. He added that the engineers would help on how to plant trees around the city in a proper way and later on would also help other regions of the country with their expertise. “We also asked the Addis Ababa mayor two hundred thousand trees of which he accepted without hesitation and the trees are on their way to Hargeisa” he added.

He also said that he had ordered local councils to balance their books so as not to misappropriate public funds, and improve their services to the public.