Somaliland: Hawd Team Acquires Sports Gears


Hawd Celebrate their semifinal goal against Daad madeed region during the  2013 national championship at Hargeisa stadium/file

By: A.A Jama

BALIGUBALE (Somalilandsun) – Baligubadle municipal council has donated sports facilities to the Hawd regional sports Team which was football championship runners up in the 2013 (Hargeisa) and 2012 (Burao) national Sports completion

While handing over the donated assortment of sports gears the mayor of Baligubadle town Abdi Eman Jama said “This will make youths to redouble their efforts in sports and help them avoid the deadly illegal immigrating to other countries”

Adding his comments the deputy mayor said “sports makes youth busy and they will avoid use of drugs and indulging in bad habits”

The sports coordinator of Baligubadle town thanked the municipal council of Baligubadle town for their donation of sports facilities. He also added that this will assist Hawd sports club to compete favorably at national level.

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