Somaliland: State Engages Citizens on Good Governance


By: Rashid Migori

HARGEISA (Somalilandsn) – Citizens and the Good governance and anti-corruption committee-GGACC have discussed on modalities on how to work together to ensure good governance and accountability.

Openin the one day meeting at Mansoor hotel Hargeisa which attracted a wide range of Somaliland citizens deputy head of Somaliland GGACC and now acting head Hussein Abdillahi Jama said “The main objective of holding the meeting was to discuss on good governance and the government is committed to uphold the values of good governance.”

The director general of GGACC Mr. Hasan Omar Hoori who also spoke during the meeting elaborated to the participants the importance of good governance as he ifor5med that the objectives of the session was:

  • To improve on good governance on the side of government
  • On the side of citizens
  • Private companies
  • Other general citizens

The Hassan Omar Hoori said “if these four stakeholders work hand in hand, we can have good governance in Somaliland”

The director general also further stressed the importance as follows

  • To have a clear strategy on good governance
  • Improve on management and finance
  • Improve on service provision to citizens

A short while back the now visibly revitilied GGACC held a one day workshop in which results of a survey on public perception on corruption were presented.