Somaliland: Ethiopian Communities in Rome Keen for Maximum Participation in Motherland Affairs


Ethiopian Communities in Rome at meeting with Ethiopia embassy officials

By: Ameleset Abraar

ROME (Somaliland sun) – Members of the “Ethiopian Community Association in Rome and its Surroundings” on Sunday (October-11, 2015) expressed their desire and willingness to exercise their maximum participation towards the Ethiopian Government’s developmental effort of ensuring the country’s renaissance. During a meeting convened in Rome in the presence of several hundreds of community members and staffs of the Ethiopian Embassy in Italy, the Association discussed on ways of strengthening its performance capacity as well as broadening its outreach to as much new members as possible.

Speaking at the opening, Ato Ketema Amare, the President of the community, who expressed gratitude to the support accorded to them including by the Ethiopian Embassy for the formal establishment of the Association and commencement of action, also congratulated members on the Associations attainment of an official legal status from the relevant Italian authorities which he said will give them a solid ground for meaningful engagement and collaboration among members as well as with the Ethiopian Embassy and other Ethiopian communities in other parts of Italy. The President who noted that the Association at this early stage was able to register nearly 500 members and garner very promising financial support from donations and monthly contributions also noted the desire to see the Association becoming one among the strongest ones of other countries. He also announced plans to open a bank account for the Association to fulfill maximum accountability and transparency standards. The meeting, he said, was held with a view to announce the Association’s official commencement of action and pave the opportunity of getting to know each other between members and other stakeholders. Important bios of members, including contact details, have also been organized which he said would be helpful in ensuring maximum communication between members and the Association.

Italy based Ethiopian Embassy officials at meeting with citizes residents in the European countryThe Representative of the Ethiopian Embassy in Italy, Ato Melaku Petros (Minister Counselor), on his part congratulated the community members, particularly the Executive Committee, for the relentless effort they have made in securing the Association’s official legal status in Rome. This, he said, was an important step as communities who organize themselves in legally acknowledged associations will have stronger capacity to meaningfully support each other as well as fully participate in common affairs at home including on the mega development projects and the democratization process. He also assured the Association of the Embassy’s sustained support in every possible ways. The Association’s acquired legal status in Italy, Ato Melaku said, will help to ensure the members full enjoyment of rights as they have the obligation for strict adherence to the rules and regulations of the host nation.

Participants on their part expressed their desire of strengthening their Association’s financial and material capacity and of broadening the volume of its members. They also requested the arrangement by the Association’s leadership of a regular platform of exchanging creative business ideas among members including the marketing of unique Ethiopian commodities such as powdered Ethiopian coffee, spices and other agricultural products. They also suggested the continuation of an already established consultation mechanism between the Association and the Embassy in a more organized manner to expedite their maximum participation on their country’s effort of development and democratization.

The event was also graced by an Ethiopian popular serving “enjera and watt” followed by a cultural music show. The Association which is given a registered name of “Ethiopian Community Association in Rome and its Surroundings” has also adopted its guiding bylaws and named a seven member executive committee and a three member audit committee during its prior meeting held on June 14, 2015 in Rome.

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