Somaliland: Are There Sinister Forces Behind Troubles At Regional Games?


Despite a few mischaps in Awdal The Somaliland regional Sports Championship 2015 attracts thousands of spectators in Both Borame and Burao

By Ahmed Kheyre

Somalilandsun- The troubles that occurred during the football game between Awdal and Marodi Jeh regions at the Haji Dahir Stadium in Borama must be strongly condemned. The loss of lives is deeply regrettable, and the best wishes for a speedy recovery goes to those wounded in the clashes. But, we Somalilanders must face up the fact that there could be darker forces behind these events than the usual sporting fever.

In less than a week, games at the Haji Dahir Stadium have been subjected to acts of hooliganism which solicited a heavy handed response from the local security forces. The sound of automatic gunfire at the football match with the spectators scattering all over the place and the players lying face down on the pitch was absolutely shocking.

Why have the usual jocular rivalry of these regional games taken a sinister face? There will always be disputes in sporting events, but, we Somalilanders always took our wins and losses with good grace, and hoped for a better result next time.

Are there sinister forces using the games to foster hostility in the area? and why have the games in Borama have been particularly affected?

These question and many others must be addressed by both the administration of President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud “Silaanyo”, as well as, all concerned Somalilanders.

There have recently been disturbing events in the region culminating in the attack on the Governor’s residence and the deadly events at the Haji Dahir stadium. The question we need ask ourselves are;

1. Are there people in Awdal region becoming disaffected with the Somaliland goal?

2. Are the people of Awdal, who have always been a pillar of the Somaliland goal becoming increasingly incited by outside forces?

3. Is the central government of Somaliland merely concerned with feathering its own nest at the expense of the unity of the country?

4. How do we address the issues in the region? Is a new administration a panacea for the ills in both Western and Eastern region of Somaliland?

Maroodi Jeex vs Buuhoodle at the Haji Dahir Stadium in Borameor are these events merely a storm in a teacup associated with sporting fever or the actions of some reactionary elements with a personal grudge against Governor Ramaax of Awdal?

As Somaliland enters a period of intensive political manoeuvring culminating in the scheduled presidential and parliamentary elections, it is up to both the political, community and intellectual leaders of the nation to address these pressing issue and form a political manifesto, before matters get out of hand.

All Somalilanders, irrespective of their regional or communal ties abhor the events in Borama, and the loss of life at a sporting, lest we forget, it was only a few decades ago that hundreds where massacred at the Mogadishu National Stadium. We do not want a repeat of that kind of thing, and Somaliland is hopefully beyond such despicable actions.

Let us all return to our tried and true formula of dialogue, discussion and consensus and resolve the ills affecting the nation.

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