Somaliland: Ethiopia Recalls Its General Consul in Hargeisa Gen Tesfaye,


Somalilandsun- The realignments being implemented within the Ethiopian Diplomatic Corps has reached Somaliland.
This follows the departure of Ethiopia’s General Consul in Somaliland Brigadier General Berhe Tesfaye who has been recalled to Addis Ababa for possible redeployment.
Gen Tesfaye who has served as his country’s resident diplomat in Somaliland for a decade handed over Consulate affairs to senior staffers on an temporary capacity pending arrival of replacement.
During his tenure the outgoing Diplomat is to be credited with facilitating the cordial relations existing between Ethiopia and Somaliland.
Gen Berhe Tesfaye was behind many agreements reached by Addis Ababa and Hargeisa notably,
Acceptance of Somaliland passports as a valid travel document to Ethiopia a very successful and beneficial arrangement for citizens of somaliland in lieu of the non recognition of their country’s sover ignite by the international community.
Visas were also availed Somalilanders bound for Ethiopia at the Consulate in Hargeisa upon fulfillment of relevant requirements.
Another achievement garnered by Gen Tesfaye was signing of a very broad MOU between the two countries that includes ease of cross border movement for persons as well as trade, security cooperation, in addition to a myriad of educational scholarships for both Somaliland students seeking higher education and advance training for military officers.
Significant is the very important MOU that saw Ethiopia not only gain an alternate port at Berbera but acquisition of a19% stake in shares from the 30 year contract worth $420m awarded Emirati global enabler firm DP World.
While no official statement has been issued on the transfer of Gen Berhe Tesfaye, it is known that the Ministry of foreign has so far recalled back to Addis Ababa over 90 members of its diplomatic corps in an ongoing realignment.
Unconfirmed reports indicate that Gen Berhe has been arrested on corruption related charges. Keep watch here for details of this developing news