Somaliland: Sultan Ismail Paints a Gloomy Political, Diplomatic and Security Situational Picture


Somalilandsun- The republic of Somaliland is encountering one of its hardest political situations in over two decades.
This was stated by Sultan Ismail Sultan Abdirahman during a session of Guurti where he is also an elder of the somaliland upper chamber of parliament.
Addressing fellow elders the Sultan said “at the moment Somaliland is at a very precarious situation in relation to foreign relations that are deteriorating at a very fast pace”
Adding that internal security is also at a very dangerous level the traditional leader cum Guurti elder said “ It is the first time that a rebel army has been established within our borders by citizens” This was in reference to the rebel army formed early this year by renegade Somaliland army Colonel Aarre who is currently being hosted in Qardo by the Somalia administrative region of Puntland.

Stressing that internal security worries are do not only pertain to the Col Aarre rebel army but to armed incursions from outside the elder said “ It is also the first time in the history of our country that a foreign government holds its cabinet meeting deep within Somaliland.
This was in reference to the recent cabinet meeting undertaken in Badhan town of Sanaag Region of Somaliland by the President of Puntland Abdiweli Gas.
On the session undertaken by the Puntland parliament in Badhan Sultan Ismail said “ Similarly it is also the first time that a foreign country’s parliament holds its ordinary session in Somaliland and without permission by the administration in Hargeisa”
Continue to paint a gloomy internal security picture said he, “It is also the first time that the government in Hargeisa has completely failed to quell clashes between clans in the country”.
For almost a year now two clans in Sool region have been engaged in deadly armed conflict that has left hundreds dead and many more injured.
Wondering if it was weakness by the administration or poor strategies that has led to this failure in quelling the clashes between the two Dhulbahante tribe’s sub-clans of Qayaad and Baharsame , the traditional leader said This has resulted in external interferences by outside forces.
On the deteriorating foreign relations Sultan Ismail stated that our country has been given a complete blackout especially by its ally Ethiopia which appears to have of late changed tack thence entered into very cordial relations with this country’s nemesis, Somalia.
Pointing out that unless a disease is diagnosed it is impossible to treat thence death or permanent bed bound results, thus For Somaliland it is urgently imperative that all this ailments be diagnosed in order to save the country’s very being.
In conclusion Sultan Ismail Sultan Abdirahman said the only Avenue Ken to diagnose the maladies prevalent in our nation’s foreign relations and internal security was only a National Consultative Meeting with participation by traditional, political and religious leaders in addition to the government of the day and ordinary citizens as well.