Somaliland: Ethiopia Deports Back 50 Eco-migrants


While the coast guard intercept would be Ethiopian Migrants in the Gulf of AdenSomaliland Coast Guards nab illegal migrants at the gulf of Aden

By M. A. Egge

Somalilandsun – 50 supposed economic migrants (eco-migrants) have been deported back to Somaliland from Ethiopia.

At the same time the state has in custody 91 persons, 83 of them Ethiopians, who were apprehended at Laasasurad when a boat full of illegal trafficking humans from Puntland broke down.

The revelations of the above two cases were announced by the national chief immigration officer Col. Mohammed Ali Yusuf.

He confirmed that the department is holding the 50 persons who were arrested at various locations in Ethiopia.

Col. Mohammed Ali YusufHe further stated that they are investigating hence wanted to verify on what points of exits did they leave the country and travelled to the neighbouring state without legal documents.

The Puntland originating boat was destined for Yemen. Lasasurad falls under Erigavo.

Col. Yusuf said that the passengers of the boat were in dire need of water since they were distressed by severe thirst.

Somaliland authorities and United Nations agencies were however at hand to help them according to the immigration boss.