Somaliland: Epic 4000 Kms Trekker for Edna Hospital Appeals for Local Donations


“Am flattered by your kindness and generosity and will be very sad to leave”

“I request Somalilanders to donate to my fundraiser any amount of money through ZAAD Account 4806599 and Dahabshil Bank A/c HRGD33141”– Chris Stansfield

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Chris makes appeal for donations

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Using our small axe Together we can chop down the biggest tree.

This is per Mr. Christopher Stansfield the youthful Briton who undertook the epic 4000 Kms journey on foot from Cairo to Hargeisa in a period of four months in order to raise funds for Edna hospital and awareness on Somaliland.

Mr. Stansfield who is currently resting in Hargeisa under the watchful eye and caring staff of Edna Aden Hospital in Hargeisa has so far managed to raise over $10,000 towards his target of ₤100,000 in aid to Edna hospital.

“This is the amount that is already in my account and I expect more from pledges made by various individuals worldwide” said Stansfield during the launch of his appeal at the Geeska Media group offices in Hargeisa.

The Briton who was termed by Dr Edna Aden as a very brave young man, prefers to receive small donations from many people rather than big donations a few from multi-nationals or other big because having many people’s input means that his objective of raising worldwide awareness on the Edna hospital and the republic of Somaliland is also achieved.

Mr Christopher Stansfield who will return to his home in England a week from now who wants Somalilanders both in the country and Diaspora to chip in to his fundraiser has already opened a Zaad account for the purpose and is in the process of opening a bank Account with Dahabshil for donations by locals.

Below the verbatim excerpts of the heart rendering appeal for local donations by Christopher

Quote- “I would like to thank the Somaliland people for their warm welcome into their beautiful country. I am flattered by you kindness and concern for my welfare and I will be very sad when I leave.

I made this journey to help raise international awareness on Somaliland as well as assist Edna’s Hospital to continue flourishing and helping people and to do this I wanted the people of the world to come together and each give a small amount of money.

While in Somaliland I am requesting citizens both in the country and Diaspora to also contribute towards my fundraiser with any amount each can afford through Zaad account number 4806599 and Dahabshil Bank A/c HRGD33141

Together we can help Somaliland have a bright future” Unquote

We hope that Somalilanders shall respond to this appeal with their usual generosity and thus show the world that our successes in building a nation from scratch without external assistance is a reality and enshrined national tradition.

We shall post details of the Dahabshil Account as soon as it is availed for the benefit of those who prefer that mode.

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