Somaliland: Emulate Garoodi Development Organization, First Lady Urges Women


Sahil Region Women host first lady and other senior government officialss to a luncheon

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Salahley based Garoodi organization is an exemplary model of communal self development in Somaliland.

This was stated by the first lady Amina Sh Mohamed Jirde “Amina Weris” during an address during a luncheon at Ambassador in Hargeisa hosted for women holding senior positions in the administration by Women groups from Sahil region.

L-R Education and Environment Ministers Zamzam and Shukri flank first lady Amina Weris during her address at the Luncheon The women leaders in government at the luncheon led by the First lady included Education minister Zamzam Abdi Aden, Environment Minister Shukri Bandare, Deputy health minister Nimo Qawdan, Deputy Social services minister Shukri Harir Ismail, National Human rights commission Chairperson Fathiya Haji Hussein, Presidency Welfare director Amina Mahmud Diriye and the Chairperson of the National Organization of Women-NOW Anisa Nuur Egal.

At the luncheon whose objective was to enhance relations between women from Sahil region andtheir gender counterparts in the administration steward by 1st lady Amina Weris, bottom up multi-sectored development emanating from the community was identified as the best vehicle of establishing sustainable livelihoods in the country.

On her choice of the Garoodi development organization as a model for emulation nation the first lady who visited Salahley district in Hawd region recently recounted the various self-help development achievements garnered by the women wing of the group through selfless determination that has seen major public services and infrastructures put in place with minimal support from the state.

Celebrating Gender equality in Somaliland

Speaker after speaker who concurred with lady Amina Weris promised to ensure that they effectively pass the message around and work tirelessly for bottom up based community development activities rather than sit back and wait for the central government to take charge.