Somaliland: Local GENEL ENERGY Boss Refute Alleged Contracts Issuance


By M.A. Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Genel Energy Manager for the eastern regions Mr. Ibrahim Mohammed has refuted press reports alluding to the facts that the oil prospecting company was dishing out contracts below the table through him and that in collusion with the Energy Minister.

Mr. Ibrahim categorically denied the allegations which he attributed to the headline page of a local vernacular newspaper, Haatuf issue 3478, dated the 20th December 2013.

He clarified in a press release that Genel Energy was not contracting any entity for services in the meantime, simply because it has not started engaging in any chores that may demand the need for procurements of tenders.

He stated that the Haatuf story was baseless lies and mere rumours being peddled.

He took issue with further allegations in the report which claimed that he, Ibrahim, had a privately owned land where up oil prospecting was going on.

He termed the claims as mere allegations tailored to cause uproar amongst members of the public hence bring discord such that the oil prospectus could be derailed in the country.

The reports claimed that Genel representative in the country (Ibrahim) and the minerals and energy minister worked in cahoots in the shady deals.

Mr. Ibrahim lamented that the local press did not adhere to their expected code of conduct and ethics in dispensing their work. They ought to verify and corroborated facts, he ended in his press statement.