Somaliland: “Djibouti’s La Chaumere Suicide Bombers not Somalilanders” -State


Minister Bureed

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Government of Somaliland has Expresses its Commiseration with the people of Djibouti following the deadly terrorist attack on La Chaumere restaurant and pledging cooperation with Djiboutian authorities while at the same time informing that the couple involved in the bombing was from the Somalia capital of Mogadishu.

This was informed by the Somaliland minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Ali Jama Farah ‘Bureed’ during an exclusive interview with Bulshotv in his Hargeisa offices.
Minister Bureed who just returned from Djibouti where he had visited as a special envoy of his boss, president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo for purpose of Conveying his country’s condolences to the people of Djibouti as a result of deaths, injuries and damage to property occasioned by the attack on La Chaumere hotel said:
“The government of Somaliland has extended its condolences to the people of Djibouti upon the heinous act perpetrated by terrorist in their country”
The message of commiseration with the Djiboutian was submitted during a meeting Minister Bureed had with the Djiboutian Prime Minister Mohamed Abdulqadir Kamil and fisheries minister Mohamed Ahmed Awale in the neighbouring country’s capital.
While negating recent reports alleging that the couple of suicide bombers were originally from Somaliland Minister Bureed said,
“On behalf of the president of Somaliland Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo, I wish to state succinctly that though the La Chaumere hotel bombers passed through this country they are not citizens.
The Fisheries minister further informed that the Somaliland head of state has directed relevant security agencies to undertake strenuous investigations and at the same time cooperate fully with their Djiboutian counterparts and related international agencies.
According to reports the couple of Muse Roble Herad, 36, and Hodan Mohammed Isse, 29, that were involved in the deadly attack at La Chaumere restaurant, which left 3 foreigners dead and 15 others wounded are citizens of Somaliland.
During the attack Herad is reported as having entered the second room of the La Chaumere restaurant where International soldiers were sitting and blew himself up, and seconds later his wife followed suit and blew herself up in the first room where others were playing pool table.

Somaliland fisheries minister Ahmed J Bureed (C) extends his country's condolences during meeting with Djiboutian PM and Fisheries minister
Though yet to be verified information indicate that the 36 years old Muse Roble Herad was born and raised in the Ethiopian city of Dire-Dawa, of an Isa clan he went to Karachi, Pakistan in 2007, where he met Hodan who hails from Isa Muse sub-clan of Isaaq and was born in Somaliland’s Berbera seaport city.
Our sources add that the duo that held Ethiopian passports during entry and stay in Pakistan where they posed as students and ultimately received training.

In 2009, The couple went to Somali’s capital of Mogadishu and lived with a man, Moalim Burhan, from the Dir sub-clan of Gadabursi (Samaroon), and reportedly a victim of the Al-Shabaab power struggle that saw most of his kin eliminated among them Ibrahim Haji Jama mee’aad aha Ibrahim al-Afghani by Al-Shabaab on 20 June 2013.

The La Chaumere restaurant, suicide bombing couple is said to have entered Dire-Dawa by way of Hargeisa, the Capital city of Somaliland where they supposedly hid their suicide jackets on the 23rd of December, 2013.

Having retrieved their suicide vests which were now hidden inside a commercial truck plying the Somaliland Djibouti route entered the country of their fateful mission via Lowy’ado border On May 22, 2014 presumably with help.

Djiboutis La Chaumere after the suicide bombing attack

In 2013, Herad and his wife were among a large contingent of suicide bombers dispatched by Al-Shabaab to sent to Addis Ababa in a bid to conduct series suicide attacks, but the mission was unsuccessful after their fellow Jihadist suicide bomber, Ahmed Abdi, blew himself up prematurely in Addis Ababa on Oct 13, 2013 resulting in the absconding of the mission following the arrest of colleagues by Ethiopian security agents.
With the nationality which is inconsequential of the La Chaumere bombers becoming the issue, the resulting denials by this or that government might lead to mistrust in the investigation of terrorism thus unimpeded attacks