Somaliland: Borama Comes To Henley “Horn of Africa Art”


Somalilandsun – The Borama Henley Friendship Committee is arranging an exhibition called Borama Comes to Henley at the Old Fire Station Gallery from June 5 to 10.

This is a follow-up to last year’s visit by Somaliland’s second lady and to show the people of Henley how Borama lives and to display some artefacts.

Art and Crafts Exhibition
The Henley Borama Friendship Association has collected together art and crafts from Borama to celebrate the rich and vibrant culture of the Horn of Africa. Borama’s population retains a huge enthusiasm to build a solid future for the next generations. It has established three universities over the last 20 years and is one of the main providers of further education in the region. Come and find out more about this fascinating region!

It is a must see for anyone interested in wood carving, tribal leatherwork, beading, basketry and textiles. We will also be showing work of Ahmed Magare, an up and coming young artist from the Borama Diaspora in the UK. He has developed a technique of painting using fragranced henna. Both beautiful to look at and smell! We are very pleased that he has agreed to run some workshops on this technique. Please refer to workshop programme below for details.
Why is Henley linked with Borama?
After Twinning links with Leichlingen and Falaise had been established in 1980, Cllr Alan Jones proposed and Henley Town Council agreed that a friendship link should be established with a third world town. Borama was eventually selected and in 1982 Mayor Dr Noel Snell and a reporter from the Henley Standard visited Borama and presented a framed scroll formalising the link.
Sadly the Civil War (1988-91) interrupted communications, but in 1992 Dr Noel Snell and Malcolm Page visited Borama (now part of an independent Republic of Somaliland), to re-establish contact.
Over the years Henley and its residents have supported, both financially and practically, various initiatives in Borama, from road building, creating electricity infrastructure, medical aid and education. Henley has also welcomed numerous delegations from Borama and enjoys support and interest from the Somaliland Diaspora in the UK.
Samasons Relief is a non-profit, community-based organisation established in 2010 in Birmingham (England) by a group of successful Somali Diaspora. It’s aims are:
to support socio-economic development projects in the East Africa region
to assist integration of the invisible community in the UK
to coordinate resources and efforts through fundraising, training, capacity building
to unite the community through leadership development, public relations and advocacy

Samasons Relief is officially registered in the UK as a charity (registration number: 1144235). For more information on the projects currently being undertaken please visit /
Programme Details
Book onto one of our workshop sessions – a great way to try something new! You will receive details of what to bring when we receive your booking.
Friday/Monday – School programme
Saturday 7th June
10.30am – 1.00pm

Coiled Basket making- Carol Crowdy
Learn the technique of coiling. You will start making a small coaster using garden bast. Please bring a large darning needle (large eye) if you have one. Bast included in the cost.
Carol Crowdy an experienced local craftswoman.
Sunday 8th June
10.30am – 1.00pm
Umsi Drawing – Ahmed Magare
Learn how to use this fantastic new media for drawing. A bespoke mixture of Henna and perfumed oils giving your art a whole new sensory dimension. You can also learn how to use nomadic brushes if you choose. Use the art and crafts on display for your inspiration. Drawings from this workshop will be hung in the gallery space permitting.
Ahmed Magare is currently an undergraduate of Birmingham City University’s School of Art.
Hosted by Ahmed Magare & Ian Florence
Come along and share your poem!
Everyone welcome.

To book a place please contact Carol by either emailing CAROL@ACE-LPM.COM or phoning 07901 821949