Somaliland: Djibouti Inundated by Smuggled Contraband Goods


By: Yusuf M Hasan

FM Behi

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The government of Djibouti is concerned by the sprawling prevalence of contraband goods smuggled from Somaliland.

This was informed by the minister of foreign affairs and international relation of Somaliland Mr. Mohamed Behi Yonis during a briefing on his three nation working tour abroad that ended in Djibouti where, he, the minister said authorities in the neigbouring country had complained to him about the smuggling.

“Djibouti authorities complained to me about goods smuggled into their country by Somaliland’s business community ” said Behi Yonis as he revealed that he promised his host that the government Somaliland will do all in her powers to stop these smugglers.

On his trip to the UK the foreign minister who met with the minister for African affairs in London said they talked about how to change their policy on the travel ban that advises British nationals not go to Somaliland or Somalia for security reasons.

Said he “We also discussed about Somaliland independence from Somalia which is irrevocable as per the overwhelming wishes of the Somaliland citizens that have decided their destiny and do not want anything less than international recognition for their country’s sovereignty”

During the UK sojourn foreign minister Behi Yonis also met with other UK senior government personalities and officials of the department for international development-DFID, British parliamentarians and also visited Chatham house where “I stated the utmost importance regarding nonnegotiable decision by Somaliland citizen for independence and recognition” said Behi Yonis.

In his trip to Djibouti where he met with H.E Ismail Omar Gelle and other senior officials among them the Prime minister bilateral relations between the two neighbours were discussed and enhancement agreed upon.

“We concurred with the Djiboutian on the imperative need to strengthen the prevailing Somaliland and Djibouti co-operation especially as pertains to economical development, infrastructure, eliminating piracy in shared waters and deterring terrorism in our borders.

Urging smugglers to stop their cross border activities the Somaliland Foreign minister said that the Djibouti president had informed him that cigarette smuggling from Somaliland is hurting his country economy.