Somaliland: Britons Hail Prevalent Peace and Democracy in the Country


By: Guleid Abdi Maher

Somalilandsun – The department for international development – DFID has praised the government of Somaliland for maintaining peace and for her good democratic governance.

In a report by the department concerning the aid it intends to give to the government of Somalia up to 2015 said that it will be break away redevelopment programmers that are a priority to her, people.

The report states the remarkable democratic transition in Somaliland and the peaceful local council elections in 2012 and presidential ones in 2010 whereby the opposition won and commended the peaceful transfer of power.

When compared to other Somali speaking regions, Somaliland has a government that cares for her people and has institutions that function well, even though there are loopholes in development due to economical constrains. But the peace that does not exist in other Somali areas has made Somaliland to prosper where others have failed.

The department of international development intends to work with the government of Somaliland directly in areas like poverty reduction ,strengthen her security and peace the UK government adds in the report that in the aid.

Given directly will go to those regions where there is peace and good governance and will work with international organizations like the UN and the world bank and other donor countries to create a new international system that unite together donors aid to be channeled through one way priority will be given to good democratic governance, security, development and humanitarian aid.

DFID concluded the report by cautioning about refugees who may cross from hostile Somalia may dent the peace. it also wrote about the skirmishes that may arise from the border Somaliland shares with punt land, where both countries claim sovereignty over may be a consequence for a protracted civil war as result Somaliland much cherished peace may suffer.