Somaliland: Djibouti Acknowledges Breaching Somaliland Territorial Waters


Somaliland and Djibouti officials media brieifng on results of talks related to naval skirmishes

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun – The death of Coastal guard and injury to another in waters around the Somaliland coastal town of Sayla is solely the responsibility of the Djibouti Navy.

To this effect the government of Djibouti has taken full responsibility for the outcome of the exchange of fire resulting in the death and injuries to Somaliland coastal guards that occurred in attempts to protect territorial waters.

This was informed by the interior minister Mohamed Ali Waran’ade during a press briefing in Djibouti where he has been leading a high powered security team dispatched from Hargeisa to follow-up on the unprecedented event that led to a firefight between the naval forces from the two neighbouring Horn Region countries.

“After three days of talks the authorities in Djibouti have not only acknowledged breaching somaliland territorial waters but took full responsibilities for the death, injury and subsequent damage to naval vessels” said minister Waran’ade

According to the Somaliland deputy interior minister in-charge of security Mohamed Muse Diriye, naval officer Deeq Ali Osman died from gunshot wounds while another member of the Somaliland coast guard is nursing serious injuries sustained following the unprecedented live fire confrontation with the Djiboutian navy in Somaliland waters around Sayla.

The Waran’ade led team included his Fisheries colleague Ali Buured, Commander of the Coast Guards admiral Mohamed Hussein Hirane, Somaliland envoy to Djibouti and the interior ministry spokesperson.

At the joint press briefing the Djiboutian Minister of Fisheries Mohamed Somali and Navy Commander Abdurrahman Shire issued an official apology to the government of Somaliland while revealing that a border and territorial waters monitoring committee has been formed to monitor thence deter

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