Somaliland: Gabile Receives Kulmiye Party Presidential Candidate Kingly


As all senior government officials from the country’s western region join hands in facilitating the tour by Musa Behi

Muse Bihi in triumphant Gabile enty

By: Yusuf M Hasan

GABILE (Somalilandsun) – A delegation led by the ruling party of Kulmiye presidential candidate Muse Behi is in Gebile region on a voter registration awareness exercise.

The top part delegation composed of senior government officials and Members of parliament from the region were accorded a high level welcome by residents who hailed from Arabsiyo, Kalabayd, and Wajale and Gebile districts.

Entering Gebile atop a tractor Musa Behi who urged residents of age to register as voters said his party is intent on promoting the agricultural sector of which the region is reckoned with if elected to the highest political office in Somaliland.

The tractor conveyed presidential candidate could not hide his glee that emanated from the guard of honour mounted by his Supporters who on horseback flanked him on both sides ten kilometers to the centre of the town.

Gebile region is among the regions that include Hawd and Sahil where the national election commission-NEC is currently registering voters for Somaliland presidential and parliamentary elections sated for March 2017.

gabile4Though Kulmiye is the ruling party with former chairperson Silanyo currently the sitting president who is not contesting a second term thence the Muse Behi bid that has seen him of late crisscross the country soliciting support.

The massive welcome to his home Gebile saw most senior government officials and members of parliament from Gebile as well as party officials operatives join the Behi delegation among them the ministers of Finance, Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Messrs Zamzam Abdi Aden, Eng Hussein Aden Egeh ‘Deyr’, Shuaib Mohamed Muse and Mohamed aw Dahir respectively

Senior Kulmiye party officials in the Muse Behi delegation included spokesperson Hasan Gafadi as well as the Director General ministry of posts and telecommunications Feisal Ali Sheikh while local and regional administrations were represented by Gebile mayor Mohamed-amin Omar Abdi and regional governor Hamse Mohamed Abdilahi

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