Somaliland: “Despite Small Differences Kulmiye Party is as Steadfast as Ever” Bihi


Musa Bihi Kulmiye party leader

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The ruling Kulmiye shall work closely with opposition parties to ensure presidential and parliamentary elections slated for 2015 are held as planned.

This was revealed by the chairman of ruling Kulmiye party Muse Bihi during a press conference in which he denied alleged fallout with President Ahmed M Silanyo while acknowledging differences among senior party functionaries.

“The ruling Kulmiye party is determined towards the realization of elections slated for 2015 and will work closely with the two opposition parties of Wadani and UCID” said Bihi

Musa Bihi a former colonel in the Siad Barre army later a to reckon with commander of SNM liberation movement that fought for the re-independence of Somaliland is officially though not elected party leader having ascended to the position after immediate founder leader Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo relinquish the chairmanship upon winning the Somaliland presidency in 2010.

While urging party officials to embark not only preparations for 2015 presidential elections but Kulmiye party internal ones as well the Ex-Colonel who also acknowledged existence of party conflicts within senior echelons said “Kulmiye is the only political party in Somaliland whose constitution is adhered with to the letter thus any internal differences shall as always be solved either through reconciliation pr as per the dictates of the party constitution”

Adding that at the end of the day and when crunch comes to crunch all differing factions of the ruling party shall always stand together as one Colonel Bihi said he is aware of complains against him submitted to the president mostly by a number of cabinet ministers who are uncomfortable with my leadership which they want to have one of their owe assume.

Said he “Any differences within the party shall be solved as usual through dictates of articles 55 and 56 that deals with conflict resolution and disciplinary action”

Revealing that the complains to the president have raised worries among his personal and party supporters who have inundated him with queries as pertains to the oft postponed party General meeting alleged to leading to his loss of power as the party leader and purported displeasure by President Silanyo Col Bihi said

“Due to the importance of advice by president Silanyo who is the party’s founding father the general meeting of Kulmiye has been postponed on a number of occasions mostly as a result of the absence of the head of state on official national duties abroad”

The latest holdup of the General meeting was affected by the vice president Abdirahman Abdilahi Sayli last week during the president’s visit to Addis Ababa where he was officially invited and hosted for bi-lateral talks by the Ethiopian Prime minister Hailamariam Desalegn.

As he vehemently denied purported displeasure with him by president Silanyo who he termed as political mentor Musa Bihi said nothing of the sorts exists and their personal and official relations is healthy and stronger than at any other time ever.

“My relationship with the president whom I respect a lot remains the same and my allegiance to him is as firm as ever” Said Col Bihi as he urged his and party supporters to ignore rumormongers who “are political washouts” thence only thrive on malingering and poisoning the reputation of any one they perceive to be in good terms with the president.