Somaliland: Man Stabs Hargeisa Street Preacher


By: A.S.Muhumed

Somalilandsun: popular religious preacher in Hargeisa Sheikh Mohammed Haibe is in hospital tending to injuries suffered on Friday after he was stabbed several times during a public lecture at the Khairiya square Hargeisa.

According to people in the know the attack which occurred less than 40 metres from the city’s Central police station was perpetrated by a with a grudge against sheikh Haibe for having made him, perp, get arrested on several occasions for abuse of religion which is a crime in Somaliland.

“When I finished my presentation and ready to go a man behind me called me saying “The Sheikh-the sheikh” and then jumped at me and stabbed me several times” said the sheikh who says he cannot recall what happened next as the stabbing had made him delirious