Somaliland: The Peoples’ Aspirations Reign over Everything



Somalilandsun – It needs no reminder that when it comes to the issue of the essence of Somaliland and her peoples’ aspirations, there are no qualms whatsoever as per our stance.

That the President has just reiterated the same, in different wordings though, is clear.

Said he, “— our sovereignty is not a mere state policy but a constitutional charter by the populace…” surely need no further explanation.

It is within such background that we remind everyone that given such a scenario, any obstructions to the paths leading along our aspirations are in fact bordering on treachery.

It is similarly underpinning such concrete constitutional charter that the parliamentary Speaker Hon. Irro disowned his opposition leader colleague and underscored that the constitution and the aspirations of the people , plus, most importantly, collective responsibility and decision reigned supreme over all other petty issues.

Herein this column, therefore, is a stark reminder that all Somallanders of all walks of life and ages MUST join hands together hence, in the solidarity of a united front, march forward as real patriots.

Led by our public leaders and contemporary ones -traditional, political, academic etcetera, the fourth estate should spearhead by indulging in the lion’s share of (and for) fronting our cause.

In other words, out of the scene, should the gutter press and its associated tribal, egotist and partisan agendas be obliterated.

Blotted with it, too, should be issues that may undermine the essence of our sovereignty. We can never reach anywhere if we are not fused to and solidified in our conviction; of course being in line with the adage- united we stand, divided we fall”

Whatever goes on in the south with its Mogadishu administration should never occupy our thoughts for even a second. What we are justified in as concerns them is our aspiration being heightened by vigilance that would hinder any sort of incursions or insurgencies.

While we continue sticking to our peaceful neighborliness policy, we should likewise keep abreast of issues that would positively further our course and cause in every sense of the issues concerned.

Similarly, we should at all costs desist from everything to the contrary that would have negative impacts that are detrimental in all senses.

Differences in all camps with ideas that do not inherently or politically conform to each other or one another should differentiate the untouchable SL essence to any other non-binding issue with underlying non-entities.

The author M.A.Egge is both the editor of The Horn Tribune a weekly English newspaper published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan Media group and associate editor of Somalilandsun

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