Somaliland: Dahabshil Staffers Appraised on International Legislations Governing Remittance Services


Dahabshil staffers in company of Trainer and senior officials display certificates awarded after compldetion of training in Hargeisa Somaliland

By: Osman A.M.

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Employees of Dahabshil Group have undertaken a one day workshop with general objective of equipping tellers, cashiers, supervisors and departmental heads of the giant financial institution with the desired knowledge of understanding the scope, nature, loopholes & penalties associated with international financial legislative authorities dealing with money transfer, countering money laundering activities as well as freezing of financial accounts suspected to have been sourced from illegal trade.

The training which took place at Ambassador hotel in Hargeisa, the backyard of the global giant remittance financial institution was also attended by the supervisors of the State owned Central Bank of Somaliland that is constitutionally mandated with supervisory role over other financial institutions operating in the country-privately or publicly owned commercial banks.

Specific objectives of the training was to arm bankers with desired expertise in global legislations involving electronic transactions between different nations, continents, persons through resourcing the attendees with amble skills desired in combating the intricacies in dealing with multitude of international crimes varying from money laundering, human trafficking, trade in narcotic substances without compromising the interest of legal business entities.

Towards the end of the training, the General Manager in-charge of remittance services Mr. Abdirahman Ali Abdi challenged the fully fledged trained employees of the famous remittance firm that is local owned in offering services to its varied clientele –corporate or individual with due diligence to the internationally established norms governing general conducts in money transfer.

In his brief speech Mr. Abdirahman Ali highlighted the avenues sought by the firm with established global branches in championing to train its staff as;

“This is just but a continuation of previously concluded short courses & the only difference is that this time round it is of an international status as it skills you with experimentation in global instruments targeting illegality involving transactions whose entities have been criminalized while cushioning innocent commercial transactions”

The remittances department M.D. in furtherance of acknowledging the value of workshop to his human resource personnel gave a vote of thanks to all those who facilitated & organized it mentioning in particular the vigor & commitments showed by the firm’s main Representatives at their Minnesota branch offices, Merss. Ali Mohamed Godir & Mohamed Ali Noor Sidiq who he disclosed that he was highly indebted to their sheer zeal in seeing their local counterparts’ transverse the bottlenecks associated in modern remittance trading.

The unveiling of the training was precedent by the speech of the Governor of the Central Bank of Somaliland who commended Dahabshil fraternity in their efforts spearheading the provision of remittance services to prestigious level globally hence promoting Somaliland people as enterprising traders.

Albert E. Brady from AEB consultancy services facilitates training in Hargeisa

The Central Bank Governor Mr. Abdi Dirir Abdi also applauded the serious efforts undertaken by the larges firm in the financial sub-sector of the local economy culminating to successful conduct of the training.

Mr. Dirir reminded the participants of the various stages involved in remitting money from the sender till the time it is cashed to the recipient as a long transaction that is bound to be misused by criminals amidst the innocence of either party & raised the supervisory role of his institution in its obligation in detecting these anomalies.

Apart from Dahabshiil’s employees, supervisors from the Central Bank’s Fraud Detection Department also received the training.

Attendance certificates were finally awarded by the moderator one, Albert E. Brady from AEB consultancy services who offers legal advices to 63 different remittances firms including Dahabshil.