Somalia: Looters and New Settlers own Mogadishu-Cartoon


By: Mo Ali/Medeshi

Somalilandsun – In this cartoon , Amin Arts portrays Mungaab , the new governor of Bandir as stupid , untalented and handpicked person who still lives in the clan era despite the noticeable progress made in the capital.

Mogadishu is the capital of Somalia and is situated on the Indian Ocean coast of the Horn of Africa, in the Banaadir administrative region in southeastern Somalia. . The city is administratively divided into the districts of Abdiaziz, Bondhere, Daynile, Dharkenley, Hamar-Jajab, Hamar-Weyne, Heliwa, Hodan, Howl Wadag, Karan, Shangani, Shibis, Waberi,Wadajir, Wardhigley and Yaqshid. (WK)

Translation of the Somali text :

The new governor of Bandir region Mr Mungaab shown here behind the podium says : “Mogadishu now belongs to those who used to come on the daytime for work or business (Xamardaye in Somali) and to those who had settled by force. The rest are guests “.

He is hereby seen protected by the new-blood who rule that part of the country .

The man with the blue vest comments: “Doesn’t this man know that the time of tribalism is long gone. What makes me wonder is the way the original inhabitants of Mogadishu had been expelled and their properties looted ”

Another one adds : “lack of justice is why Mogadishu has not settled peacefully”.

Yet another elderly man in the cartoon says ” This man is not Mungaab but he is Maangaab or dumb and stupid because he is talking about tribalism in this new era. Governors are elected in the other Somali regions . Why can’t they elect a suitable governor for Mogadishu ”

Cartoon by Amin Amir

Source: Medeshi