Somaliland: Erigavo Burao Road Construction Officially Launched


In a function officiated by Somaliland president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo in Erigavo Town where an array of road works equipment procured by the government was in display to thousands of anxious residents of Sanaag region and others from other parts of Somaliland.

President Silanyo launches Erigavo Burao Road construction

By: Yusuf M Hasan

ERIGAVO (Somalilandsun) – “Am more determined now than ever to not only ensure construction works on the Erigavo Burao road is started but successfully accomplished as well”

This was stated by Somaliland president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo to thousands of Sanaag residents who had braved morning rains to witness the official launch of the 375ks Erigavo Burao road construction by their head of state.

With the array of government procured earthmovers behind him and ready for duty the president laid the foundation stone to the 375ks roads construction, the biggest and most ambitious project by any government of the yet to be internationally recognized republic of Somaliland.

Junior citizens welcome president Silanyo to Erigavo

Pomp was also the order of the day for the high level presidential entourage that saw the head of state inspect a guard of honour mounted by the various branches of the armed forces before entertainment by various cultural troupes from the region.

Not only is the official commencement of the most ambitious project in the country but the current tour by president Silanyo and his administration team that saw history made when he visited Las Qoray town, the first ever by a sitting head of state, culminating with the laying of the foundation stone of the far eastern port that will see the central government inject millions of dollars.

After kick starting the Las Qoray port development at the venue where the Somaliland coast guard celebrate the event president Silanyo as his now usual norm during visits strolled the streets of the town where thousands of jubilant residents were his escorts all the way to the district hospital where he visited patients as his health minister Dr Hagaltosie promised to immediately dispatch a much needed ambulance.

Jubilant Las Qoray residents escort their head of State president Silanyo through the streets of the eastern port town

The president’s entourage now in the thousands courtesy of town residents also inspected the Las Qoray fish factory which the head of state termed of vital importance in the country’s economic development thence a major priority for revitalization.

Prior to his Las Qoray visit the president and his Entourage had spent the night at the port town of Mayd their destination from Berbera where another historic moment had been observed with the head of state taking a swim with Marine academy cadets at Batalale beach a refreshing hour preceded by prayers at a local mosque and a casual stroll through the streets of Berbera that also numerous tonnage of government donated foodstuff offloaded for distribution to residents of the coastal settlements in Sanaag, Sahil, Awdal and Selel regions.

The ongoing eastern regions tour by president Silanyo that started earlier in the week saw him commence with development inspection as well as initiation of new ones in the western regions of Somaliland namely Awdal and Selel.

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