Somaliland: Dahabshil Launches “DAHABO BANKING Service for its Female Clients


Somalilandsun- Dahabshil bank international has launched a new service called “DAHABO BANKING” which is meant to exclusively cater for the needs of its female clients at the Mansoor Hotel.
The first lady Amina Weris Mohamed Jirde speaking during the launching of the new DBI banking services said, “The DAHABO BANKING system will help boost income of women entrepreneurs and shall help people of Somaliland to overcome poverty.
“I will like to use this opportunity to thank the DBI for taking this initiative meant to promote women empowerment and i am very delighted by the bank ingenuity to provide loans to women entrepreneurs and helping them to improve their income”, she said.
Dr Edan Aden speaking during the event stated, “I am very honoured to be attending this ceremony today, as you’re aware, we Somaliland women businesspersons have being waiting for this opportunity for quite a time now and I am very happy to finally see that, with DAHABO, women entrepreneurs liberated, thanks to Dahabshill bank is the first to provide loans to women entrepreneurs and helping them to improve their income.
Edna Adan addresses the Dahabo service launch“Learning a new trade is one step closer to finding a job to make a living in Somaliland’s. With high unemployment rates and limited chances of opening doors to the job market, many young people mainly women who are idle and stuck in poverty and that’s why I will like to urge every woman young or old to make use of these service.
Ms Khadija Abdillahi Walaaleye , representing DBI and the brains behind the DAHABO BANKING services initiative speaking during the launching ceremony said, “In order to cater for the needs of our female clients, DBI has for the first time ever introduced the DAHABO BANKING and thanks to vision of Mr. Abdirashid Mohamed Dualeh , the CEO of Dahabshil Group , without him it won’t be possible
She further added, “DAHABO deprives its name from the Somali name which literary translates “Gold “and further state’s the value we have for our female customers which is equivalent to the worth of Gold.
Ms Khadija Abdillahi Walaaye lastly stated, “Through DAHABO BANKING, our female clients will receive tailor made financial solutions that create real value to their lifestyles, family and business
Mr. Abdirahman Awr Lige, head of Micro Finance at the DBI speaking during the occasion said, “DBI microfinance scheme has over the several years benefited 6000 individuals of whom 60% are women from all regions of the country and that the DBI helped mainly youth to set up small scale businesses to enhance employment.39% of current account holders in Somaliland are women, while only 3% have saving amounts.
Among the other notable speakers at the event were famous Somaliland born musician Ms Sahra Ahmed Mahmoud Aka Sahra Halgan.

It’s a membership card that gives the owners unlimited access to exclusive products including but not limited to the following:
1. ATM /Debit CARD
2. Dahabo Saving Account
3. Dahabo current Account
4. Dahabo Fixed Acoount
5. Dahabo Islamic Investment
6. Dahabsafe Safety Deposit Lockers
7. Annual Workshops
8. Financial Accounts &Business Guidance
dahaboooAlso, as a DAHABO card holder , you will also receive special treatment from the rest of Dahabshil group of companies e.g Somtel , Edahab and MicroDahab.