Somaliland: Alleged Usurpation of Presidential Authority Negated


President Silanyo is firmly in charge says Somaliland defense minister Ahmed Haji Adami

Somalilandsun- In the recent past rumours have been galore alleging that the authority of president Silanyo has been assumed by some powerful individuals close to the president.
Though these allegations went along time underground, the debate for awarding the UAE a military base in Berbera brought matters to the fore when MP Elmi Roble went on public in accusing two unelected presidential operatives of having usurped powers at the presidency.
While this allegation was being digested a senior politician Abdilahi Jawan resigned his positions as advisor to the president on elections and membership of the ruling Kulmiye party’s executive, justifying his abrupt decision to a minister having acquired powers of non existent Prime minister
But contrary to what the rumours allege and resignation purport to confirm, the
Somaliland defense minister Ahmed Haji Adam was quick to point out the contrary during an exclusive interview with geeska newspaper.
According to minister Adami those rumormongering on the usurped powers of president Silanyo are propelled by cheap politicking geared towards gaining some votes in the run up to Somaliland presidential elections slated for November of this year.
According to the defense minister President Silanyo is Firmly in charge of elective mandate. Click to Continue reading the verbatim excerpt of the interview