Somaliland: Cyber-bullying Consequences and Religious Morals


By: Mahmud Liban

Somalilandsun – While Somaliland Sun is a good website, with clever topics and good journalism the comments by some readers are very hurtful, mean, rude, personal, and tyrannical.

There are cyber bullies on this site, and they are 1. Guest, 2, Pendo, 3, Mahamed Cheers, 4, Realist, 6. Obesie, 7, Daud, 8, Hamdi, 9, Guleed, and more people.

Those people are the bullies and they act like savages. What I see on this websites on the comments section is very disturbing. Please do something about the disrespectfulness and rudeness and to not point fingers at one another, We are muslims and we have suppose have good character but lately that is not shown. Islam teaches to tolerate one another no matter what race religion, gender, we have to respect each other.

Disrespecting your neighbors who are in misfortune is unacceptable, at you should pray for them to get rid of their burden and turmoil. Not pointing fingers at them or accusing tribes or insulting them. Pendo’s comments were hurtful calling Daud a retard and calling someone a disease is unacceptable, and my message to pender is stop acting tough behind the computer and come out and say that like a man in real or just put up or shut up. Pendo is a coward, because he is a bully.

Guleed is mr disaster who would like to cause more chaos and he is also a coward and blaming daud and not himself. Daud is writing nonsence things.

Guest is a bully. Realist is a hoodlum. Hamdi is a girl and I want say anything about hamdi, maybe it’s man pretending to be a woman. This is getting out of hand and please Somaliland sun introduce the new rules before disaster strikes.

The author Mahmud Liban is a Somalilander and parent based in the United States of America

“The Editorial board of has following complaints from various readers raised its concerns over cyberbullying on this site but it appears as if some drastic action needs to be and shall be taken soon” Editor

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