Somaliland: President Helps Kulmiye Party Reach 5 Points Agreement


Mr. Hassan Saed Party SG

By: Ahmed Suleiman Afqarshe

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo has been categorical that KULMIYE party has not in the remotest since possible any presidential contestant hence that he is neither supporting nor grooming any candidate whatsoever for the position.

The Head of State gave the facts yesterday through a 5 point statement in a press release by the party’s Secretary General Mr. Hassan Said Yusuf after a meeting of the party’s top leadership at the State House.

The President also termed it a case of gross misconduct for any jotting of positions, by way of campaigns, to interfere with the organizing of the party’s General Meeting stated for Dec 25th 2013.

In effect, the top party hierarchy declared that the election of the executions committee for the recently named organizational committee for the general meeting was a futile attempt since it was null and void as far as the party’s constitution was concerned.

In the same strength, they resolved that the marked division amongst the ranks caused by the attempt in futility ought to be address swiftly and amicable for a Smooth General Assembly meeting to be held.

In the meeting with the President was the party Chairman Muse Bihi Abdi, the four deputy chairman Hon. Messrs Mohammed Kahin Ahmed, Mohammed Yusuf Wabeye, Abdirahman Talyanle and the VP H.E. Abdirahman Ismael Abdillahi. Attending as observers were the Minister of State for Presidency and Aviation Minister Hon. Mohammed Hashi Abdi.

IN essence, the press circumstance read as follows:-

1. The Presidnet has made it vividly clear there was not in the slightest sence wthin KULMIYE party, a presidential candidate (whatsoever) that he either groomed or supported. At the same time the President termed it out of order hence a gross misconduct for political campaigns to interfere with the process of organizing for the General Assembly. He elaborated that, despite the absence of one in the meantime, presidential aspirations can seek candidacy at the GM.

2. The president warned that if any evidence is availed to the effect that (some/any) members of the cabinet were in any way indulged in any actions facilitating the illegal election within the organizing committee, he would take necessary actions against time. The President clarified, hence in adapted agreement, that the chairman and top KULMIYE party leadership board is/are independently the sole overseer of party operations management.

3. The chairman pledged and vouched for the immediate resolves of the serious rifts that occurred splitting the organizational committees by delving in the matter.

4. They agreed that in resolving the service rifts through conciliating manner the oversees work jointly by the executive committee of the party such that the due process of the GM organization shouldn’t be hardened in any way.

5. Lastly, they agreed in unison that the party and administration should work in unisom for the better of the nation

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