Somaliland: Court Remands 15 Journalists Faced with Charges of Unethical Conduct


Somalilandsun: A Free and independent media is at the foundation of a functioning and free democracy and is a crucial indicator of a country’s democracy. Without a free press, one cannot have and maintain informed citizens.

This is according to the Human Rights centre-HRC in reaction to the mass arrests of journalists in Hargeisa

Arrsted on the 13th April the Fifteen Somaliland Journalists have been arraigned in court faced with unethical conduct.

The Journalists mostly from TV stations and YouTubers  were arrested at the Hargeisa central prison as they reported on inmates riot.

According to sources the 15 are faced with charges of falsfying events , photographing security installations among others 🚫 prohibited by law.

The Somaliland Journalists association  is among bodies that have raised a Hue and Cry over the mass arrests other include the human rights centre and opostion political parties.

SOLJA which released a statement after the arraignment at the Maroodi- jeeh (Hargeisa) regional Court informed that all the media operatives were OK except one who was take  from court to hospital.

The fifteen have been remanded for five days after which they will take plead

SOLJA statement on the 15 Journalists arrested in Hargeisa

According to the HRC Journalists are a core value to our society and should be allowed to report, investigate, and inform the public of the decision-making of the country, without fear and intimidation.

Thence the rights watchdog wants the government more so the  Somaliland Police to honor their actions as the duty bearers of the country, immediately release the journalists, and prevent the erosion of a fundamental right in Somaliland.

Oppostion politicians fronted by the Wadani party presidential candidate 2022 Abdirahman Abdilahi Irro were unanimous that the mass arrests were illegal thence unconstitutional