Somaliland :FM holds Discussions with Somalilanders in Kenya

Somaliland FM Dr Essa Kayd and team poses with nationals in Kenya after meeting in Nairobi

Somalilandsun: Kenyan – Somalilanders have committed to promotion and active participation in the quest for Somaliland’s international recognition as a sovereign nation.

This follows a meeting  between a government delegation from Hargeisa and Somalilanders in Kenya hosted by the Somaliland mission in Nairobi.

The Somaliland delegation led by  Foreign Minister Dr. Essa Kayd Includes his planning and national coordination counterpart Dr. Omar, Deputy finance Minister Ms. Reda Elmi, Adviser Dr Jama Muse Jama and Somaliland envoy to Kenya Mohamed Barwani

The Hargeisa team had earlier met with international friends of Somaliland to discuss Strategies of reviving the fire gutted Waheen market in Hargeisa.

During the meeting it was unanimous on the imperatives of expediting ongoing fundraising programs and recovery plans for the Wahen market fire catastrophe.

Just recently, Minister Essa Kayd had called a meeting with all the Somaliland Missions across the world. Amongst the items discussed was the Waaheen market fire and it’s immediate needs.

Somaliland Ambassadors are working hard in their host countries to ensure fundraising efforts are moving forward.