Somaliland: Corruption Implicit in Refusal in Depositing Revenue at Berbera Customs Offices.


Berbera Port

{jcomments on}By: Osman A.M.

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – It has emerged for the first time that cash collected inform of customs revenue from Berbera port has not been deposited at its designated account at Somaliland Bank, Berbera’s branch by the close of business hours on the evening of Saturday amidst daring directives coming from bank’s management ordering customs officials to show course why the taxes were not deposited on due time.

Unknown is what warranted this to occur, given the amount of cash involved which was estimated to be in excess of one Billion Somaliland shillings ( SLSH 1000,000,000) thence forcing the deployment of extra security personnels to keep vigilant at the bulk paper cash that was stoked fully inside a motor vehicle that was parked overnight at the custom’s premises .

Sources inside customs operations revealed that this is the first incident accelerated by the existence of endemic corruption in total disregard of professional ethics in additional to principles of good governance as enshrined in public service code of ethics.

Economists opined that such episode kills the morale of taxpaying citizens in thinking that their monies are ostensibly misappropriated by scandalously corrupt public officials and ultimately amounts to abuse of office-a criminal charge which they must face!

The unethical retrospective episode occurred at a time when the Central Bank of the Republic of Somaliland is fighting to control inflation rate heralded by depreciation in the value of national currency against the hard currency especially the US Dollar since President Silanyo’s ascension of power some three years ago coupled with the Bank’s censure of payment of customs taxes inform of(issuance of ) checks and the resultant resort to payment of cash in a move to stabilize the diminishing value of the Shilling.

This complicates the escalating cost of living with upward shot of prices for essential commodities experienced countrywide attributable to high value of the Dollar.

We shall keep our esteemed readers on turn of events and the subsequent actions taken by customs officials with regard to their unwarranted disregard for austerity measures in these pressing times.