Somaliland Clinches National Fire-fighting Capabilities Milestone


As President presides over the launching and inauguration of first ever fire-fighting force

President Silanyo inspects fire brigadein Hargiesa

By M.A. Egge

Somalilandsun- The Head of State H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo presided over a milestone event in the sense of the first ever passing out parade of the pilot national Fire-fighting Brigade; the first group of forces with several platoons who underwent the fire fighting techniques.

At the same time the President took the occasion to inaugurate the Hargeisa Fire-fighting Headquarters, in the city.

Noting that this is the first time ever in her history since this nation first got independence on the 26the June 1960 to establish such forces, the President said that he was highly honoured to grace the eventful function.

“I salute the esteemed visitors, the commanders of the fire-fighting security service, and commanders of the security services”, greeted the President.

Somaliland fire brigadeHe said that he was “first and foremost elated to grace the occasion and participate in the eventual ceremony of the passing out parade of the servicemen trained here”.

The President on the same note further said he was likewise honoured on the inauguration of the facility, which is the headquarters of the young men and women who fight against the menaces of blaze.

The President cited the fire brigade commander Brigadier General Ahmed Mohammed Hassan as a personality who left no stone unturned to selflessly pursue the demands of his job that has made his force what it is today.

He congratulated the graduates who took six months course to train in their field.   

The Head of State generally thanked all those charged with the tasks of seeing to it that the pioneering and pilot project of establishing the forces charged with fire-fighting chores has been seen to be set up.

He also named the Hargeisa mayor Cllr. Abdirahman M. Aydeed as a person who took a great deal and impact on the matter.

So fire fightrsThe President reminded the nation that this was the first time in the history of the nation that such a force has been realized.

While urging the force to be diligent and sincere, he appealed to the populace to render them support in their endeavours.

President’s Legacy

The directing and establishing of a fire fighting force by the President following the dire need of the service is one of the several legacies H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud has made a mark in during his tenure hence leaving it behind to be cherished by posterity.

This aspect, indeed, and many others similar were equally reiterated by the minister of the Presidency Hon. Mohamud Hashi Abdi in his speech upon the inauguration of the Fire brigade headquarters cum the passing out parade of the initial tailor-made servicemen for the outfit.

The Minister in his speech revisited the big strides the government has taken in as far as development was concerned.

“The President’s tenure is about up and he will definitely leave a legacy that is a milestone in the country’s journals”, said Hon. Hashi.

The President will not seek a second term when the elections are held less than six weeks away.

He pointed out that all the re-carpeted roads, mega water distribution for the city (in process), government buildings, refurbished airports and the fire-fighting servicemen are only but examples of what his administration has done.

President Silanyo inaugurates the sonaliland fine brigadeHe gave the sentiments in the background of a campaign season where he charged that distracters were refusing to acknowledge facts.

Hon. Hashi said that when the incumbent President passes over the button he will do so leaving a solid and progressively developing nation behind.