Somaliland; Inauguration Launched Hilariously as Da’arta Village is Promoted to District


Somaliland Inauguration Launched Hilariously as Daarta Village is Promoted to District

By M.A. Egge

Somalilandsun –In a notable and hilarious function that has brought together unlikely political bed-fellows, there was a iota of unity and solidarity seldom seen during the inauguration of the Da’arta district, an administrative decentralizedcentre established by the President in August this year.

Leaders who cut across the government and the political parties and contemporary tradition were present to witness and/or participate in the ceremony. Most notable were the traditional leaders and people reps that converged in attendance. 

Concerts were played to the thrill of the audience.

This is a place which was long justified for the upgrading”, said the Presidency Minister Hon. Mohamud Hashi Abdi. 

“I appeal to the education ministry to add more schools to the district”, he added.

The minister passed to the residents the congratulatory message he brought from the President. 

He revealed that it was the government’s plan and goodwill to fledge the area’s social and public services and set up police stations and upgrade water supplies services. 

Health minister Hon. Suleiman Issa Hagletosie had to fore-go his trip abroad in order to participate in the inaugural district launching. 

Wadani chief and Presidential Contender Hon. Abdirahman M. Abdillahi hailed the area residents and congratulated them for the upgrading of their town to a full district status. 

He observed that of most of the rural town-ships he visited he admired the Da’arta centre for its modern buildings

His UCID counterpart Feisal Ali Warabe gave sentiments bordering on his endearment to the area. 

Mr. Hussein Adan who is Kulmiye vice chairman pledged that his party will be behind the efforts to develop the area.

Marodijeh regional governor Mustafa Abdi Shine hailed the president for the upgrading of the area. 

Others who spoke were the ministers of Public Works, Agriculture Dr. Abdi Aw Dahir, state minister for interior in charge of administration, Minerals and energy and that of Water the Honourables Mohammed M. Dirie and Yusuf O. Garas respectively. 

Also amongst those who spoke on the occasion were area MP Hon. Mohammed Jama Warfaa and Hon. Abdiqadir Indo of the Guurti, Sultan Said and Sultan Ahmed Dahir.

Of note was the chairman of the Da’arta area development Haji Ahmed Yasin Abusite who pledged that his committee would do its best to fledge the area progress. 

Others personalities noted were Sultan Nasir, Sultan Mohammed Mire and the Gebiley and Hargeisa Mayors.