Somaliland: Citizens Harmed by Country’s Enshrined Clan Politicking


Clan politics harms ordinary citizens of somaliland as it confines them to abject poverty

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- After the hullabaloo of clan oriented politicking comes to end with election in Somaliland tribulations for the unsuspecting voters begins.
The after ballot worst case scenario that initiated immediately after newly elected members of parliament who have no constituents or constituencies to represent drawing a hefty salary in House of Representatives for doing nothing, apart from many flying out of the country immediately after confirmations of their election to party in London,Paris and NewYork while the poor voters will be waiting to see them legislate policies that could remove them from the muck and bring in the much needed development in many arenas of the Somaliland gloomy economic spheres.
So for the Once bitten twice shy voters learning from experience is the best teacher and for this reason scrutinize their would be elected leaders with a microscopic eyes to rid this country of leeces who thrive on the blood of the electorate writes Guleid Abdi Mahir in a piece titled “The Amateur Politicians of Somaliland”