Somaliland: Country Remains 25 as State Scraps 26th Independence Day Celebrations


a lion draped in Somalinad colours at an Independence Day celebration in Hargeisa

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- The pomp glorifying the sovereignty of Somaliland displayed annual on the 18th May is not to be this year.
According to information minister Osman Sahardiid the order by President Silanyo was necessitated by imperatives of chipping all and everything into the Somaliland drought relief fund.
While Somaliland just like other countries in the Horn and east Africa are suffered greatly the worst drought in over 60 years the 18th May Day is also a major occasion in the country where citizens celebrate withdrawal from union with Somalia and subsequent reclamation of sovereignty in 1991.
So what are the negative effects of not holding the 26th anniversary of Somaliland independence this 18th May, be it economically, morally and pertains the quest for recognition.
So how have some citizens reacted to this announcement and why do some feel the day is not worthy the country which should rather celebrated 57 years of Independence from Britain rather than 26 yrs from if so at all , Somalia?
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