Somaliland: Change of Guard at the Helm of Dawan, the State Print Media


Somalilandsun: The administration of President Musa Behi is committed to the enhancement of public services through development of various organs of governance.

This was revealed by the minister of information Abdirahman Abdilahi Farah ‘Guribarwaqo’ at function that saw Dawan Media Group, the Somaliland state print media change of guard at its helm.

former Dawan media group managing editor Mohamed Osman Mire ‘Sayid’ hands over office to Mohamed Ahmed Jama ‘Aloley’

The occasion held at the ministry’s conference hall in Hargeisa saw former managing editor Mohamed Osman Mire ‘Sayid’ hand over  office to Mohamed Ahmed Jama ‘Aloley’

Similarly Omar Mohamed Farah who is the new director of the Somaliland news agency-SOLNA and former holder of the dual posts of deputy managing editor and editor   in chief of the Dawan media group handed over the office deputy to Prof Dahir Mahmud Hadi and that of editor in chief to Ahmed Mohamed Suleiman ‘Afqarshe’.

The handovers followed broad changes effected within the information ministry that not only impacted on the print media but various other organs including Somaliland national TV, Radio Hargeisa and administrative departments.

Somaliland ministry of information staff at the handover

According to minister Guribarwaqo the recently inaugurated administration of president Behi shall not only but is determined to act as an apt government thence all shall be accorded protocols as related their knowledge and skill rather than clan affiliation.

“with due respect to our honourable traditional leaders employment in the civil service and more so my ministry shall be governed by fulfilment of necessary skills and not by courtesy of Sultans request, (read nepotism) said minister Guribarwaqo

Stressing on plans to enhance service provision by his ministry which is one of the most important in the country, the minister said that work specific trainings shall be provided.

If this comes to true it is a far cry from current norms in which the Somaliland civil service institute does not offer journalism specific courses be it at certificate, diploma or degree levels.

Wondering how a videographer or journalist availed training opportunity at the CSI that trains him/her in Urban planning or public administration is ultimately expected to continue performing in ante scholarship capacity, the information minister said

“We are pursuing avenues to ensure that the CSI avails our employees media specific tutoring” adding that contrary to this it will not only a waste of time and money but detrimental to the ministry which loses any staff the CSI trains in other fields.

On the issue of distinguishing public service from clannish the information minister was very equivocal to the fact that if his very own brother has necessary knowledge and skills required at the ministry, he on authority bestowed by the president shall not hesitate or shy away from recruiting”

Omar Mohamed Farah who is the new director of the Somaliland news agency-SOLNA and former holder of the dual posts of deputy managing editor and editor in chief of the Dawan media group handed over the

“But in the process if it so happens that the very same brother is incompetent, I shall not hesitate nor shy away from firing him just like any other incompetent”

AS for the Dawan media Group the outgoing managing editor Mohamed Osman Mire shall be remembered for introducing coloured newspapers, the first in the country but leaving behind a modern printing house.

His replacement Mohamed Ahmed Jama is the former editor in chief of the privately owned Hubaal newspaper while his deputy Prof Hadi is a lecturer at the faculty of Somali literature at the Borame base Amoud University

The new Editor in chief of Dawan media group youthful Ahmed Mohamed Suleiman popularly known as ‘Afqarshe’ is the immediate past news editor of the state print media that publishes Somali, English and Arabic language newspapers.

Somaliland information minister awards outgoing Sayid mire a certificate of service recognition