Somaliland: Exposed UNICEF and PSA Puntland Ex-Alshabaab Fighters Rehabilitation Scam


Somalilandsun- International organization’s operating in Somalia are losing millions of dollars through nepotism fronted phony projects.
The latest victim is UNICEF which contributed half a million dollars towards an Alshabaab fighters rehabilitation project run by Puntland Youth and Social Development Organization-PSA
According to Garowe Online 10 of the forty presumably on rehabilitation at PSA escaped from the Garowe town based organization.
GO goes on to reveal that PSA is owned, founded and run by one Abdifatah Sugule a very close ally and clansman of Puntland President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gas.
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While circumstances enabling Sugule to secure hundreds of thousands of dollars in foreign donations, it is not clear as to reasons behind escape of the 10 from the Centre
Unless it is an apparent scam why would persons mostly minors who voluntarily joined the rehab program after decamping Alshabaab now escape.
As results of a major search by Puntland Police is awaited residents of Garowe are living in fear of a resurge in attacks by Alshabaab a militant group battling the federal government for control of war torn Somalia.
But as the saga of supposedly repentant Alshabaab militants escaping from a presumed? Rehabilitation program internationally funded to the tune of dollar millions, the suspected departure of Abdiweli Gas from the Puntland presidency during forthcoming elections seem of import.
As he, Gas prepares for reelection whose candidacy in the elections slated sometimes this year is yet to be announced, analyst Yumoha Pasha is of the opinion that the beleaguered Gas whose presidency of the enclave has been dodged by controversy be it failure to pay, promotion of inter-clan fighting and more important the “catch and release deadly terrorists” is an exit strategy thus no queries over dollar millions scams.
While applauding GO for exposing the major scam a statement from PSA, Puntland Regional authorities and UNICEF remains due.

The author Yusuf M Hasan is the editor in chief of