Somaliland: Lessons and inside story about Somaliland Poetry


Somalilandsun- Mr. Abdillahi Mohaud-Qarshe- was the father of Somaliland traditional classical music. Abdi Delesi Warfa-Abdi-Sinnimo, was the father of Somaliland Ballad songs namely “the Balwo Music”.

Mr. Hussein Aw Farah and Mohammed Omar Huryo, were the best authors of Somaliland lyric songs in poetry literature.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ali Sugulle and Hassan Sh. Mumin were among the best playwrights of our home literature.

As critical reader, you can learn a lesson about the logistic approach that Mr Hussein aw Farah had organized the following lyric song called The Real Love (kii dhab ah jacaylka) he had made the theme the information of the above  song from an abstract image in to a concrete picture’’.

He thus wrote, “Roofs are the basic pillars of all trees, likewise a real love, never, would fall down but would be stand still forever!

“Trees, had a trunk various big strong branches, that hold up firmly to sing and dance in the sky! Thus, a real love, would rotate on own it’s axis, by being standstill forever!

“The target goal of a real love, is to marry each other as a partnership of real life, and babies borne as parents they become”.

The author D.M.Haddi is the Dawan Media Group deputy managing Editor and a lecturer at the faculty of Somali literature at the Borame base Amoud University