Somaliland: Burning Fuel Tanker Kills One


A fuel tanker bursts into flames after spewing its cargo in Shaab area of Hargeisa

By: A.A. Jama

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – A tanker ferrying petroleum veered off the road before ramming up into an occupied house next to the road reserve at Sha’ab area of Hargeisa.

The accident and consequent inferno that destroyed both the lorry & housing unit is reported to have caused casualties among residents one said to have died as a result while the driver of the ill fated tanker together with turn boy sustained minor injuries after they were rescued to safety before the vehicle went up in blaze.

The occupants of the destroyed house were also transferred to safe environment before the structure caught fire.

It is believed that the petrol tanker was on its way to offload fuel at one of the city’s filling stations before the accident whose cause is yet to be established a day after one filling station caught fire on the Eastern parts of Hargeisa.