Somaliland: President Inaugurates Kalabeid- Wajale Road Junction


The Somaliland president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo C insoects a community development project in Gabile

By: A.A. Jama

WAJALE (Somalilandsun) – President Ahmed Silanyo has unveiled a tarmac road linking Kalabeid junction to border point of Wajale on Sunday.

The head of state was accompanied by cabinet members including Presidency Minister Hirsi Ali Hassan among others.

Upon inaugurating the completed road that is estimated to be 15 KMS, President Silanyo also stayed briefly in Wajale town in a move analysts connect to the recent demos that cost the live one person and injuries of a couple of other including policemen quelling the said demos that was sparked after former area administrator was detained.

Residents of Kalabeid center turn up to welcome President Silanyo

Earlier on, the head of state hosted women organization at the presidency in Hargeisa where women leaders presented a list of demands that they wanted to Government to fulfill.

This comes after the president’s initial pledge to women folks that special parliamentary & civil seats shall be reserved for them in compliance to gender parity as well as counteracting male dominated representations in his opening speech at Kulmiye’s National Delegates Convention (NDC).