Somaliland: Tribute to a Legend


Late M I Egal

Somalilandsun: The nation marks the 12th Anniversary of the demise of its second president late Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal who was Born in Odweine on the 15th of August 1928 and passed away in a South African Hospital on 3rd May 2002.

the Former prime minister of Somalia and former president of Somaliland who is Credited with forging the republic of Somaliland from the chaos of the brutal war of the 1980’s the late Egal was a to reckon with statesman having held senior Positions in various governments during the Union with Italia-Somali before assuming the helm of Somaliland

Where there are no dates, positions are ordered alphabetically.

• President – Somaliland (1993-03 May 2002)

• Chair – Chamber of Commerce, Mogadishu (1985 – 1991)

• Foreign Minister (1967 – 1969)

• Prime Minister (1967 – 1969)

• Minister of Education (1962 – 1963)

• Minister of Defense (1960 – 1962)

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